The Pixel Painter: A 97-Year-Old Man Who Draws Using Microsoft Paint and Windows 95

The pixel painter

The pixel painter is  Hal Lasko, mostly known as Grandpa, a 97-year-old man who uses Microsoft Paint and Windows 95 to create stuning artwork that has been described as “a collision of pointillism and 8-Bit art.” Lasko, who is legally blind, served in WWII drafting directional and weather maps for bombing raids and later worked as a typographer for clients such as General Tire, Goodyear and The Cleveland Browns before retiring in the 1970s. Decades after his retirement his family introduced him to Microsoft Paint and he never looked back. Approaching a century in age, Lasko is now having his work shown for the first time in an art exhibition and also has prints for sale online.

Although he never used computer graphics computer software before, Lasko did have experience along with artistic design after working being a typographer. He mastered lettering for apprentice after high school, creating fonts by hand, and learned to paint traditionally by himself. His grandson, Ryan Lasko, initially introduced him to Microsoft Coloring, but according to Ryan, that too “is all essentially self-taught. ”

Hal’s work have been inspired by artists including Edward cullen Hopper, Charles Burchfield, and John Clay; lately, he has arrive at appreciate impressionism, and experimented with strategies to adapt its thin, layered brushstrokes with the 8-bit twist. While he initially didn’t realize that his digital paintings could end up being printed, he now has an internet site selling 16” x 20” paper prints of eight different works; he might soon begin printing on canvas also.

Watch this touching documentary short directed by Josh Bogdan which tells how Lasko discovered an entire new artistic career well into his 80s.

Hal Lasko is a wonderful artist and a man who never give up and follow your dreams.

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